Cutting Edge Renovations LLC is a small family owned general contractor.  Formed in 2008, we started from the bottom up.  We did not splash into the market place with a leveraged fleet of trucks and a shiny new office; instead, we started our business by focusing on our individual clients and projects.  In our early projects, Matt Simmons, our president, would be found swinging a hammer and handling various activities on-site.  Even today, it is not uncommon to find Matt getting his hands dirty. 

In 2008 and 2009, Cutting Edge Renovations performed just over $113,000.00 in work.  In 2010, the company increased its revenue ending the year with a total just under $450K in work performed.  As of 2011, the total work performed by Cutting Edge Renovations has eclipsed $1,000,000.  



Our philosophy is to truly be "The Client's Contractor".  Our goal with each and every remodeling project is to ensure the client is fully satisfied with the end product.  Every project is unique.  Many of our clients have spent months working with an architect or an interior designer defining very distinct goals for their project.  Once the design intent is understood, we make it happen.  Whether working in a traditional "at risk" style contract or in the fast-track "cost plus" style contract; we work hard to ensure the best price is achieved for each activity being performed both before and during the project.  We work hard to ensure a full scope of work is quoted with each of our proposals.  In other words, we strive to be transparent with our clients and do not low ball our proposals then "jack the price up" once work begins.  Our philosophy is to be of service to our clients both in the plan room and on the construction site.



What sets Cutting Edge Renovations LLC apart, is the experience applied from Matt's years in the more strict and quality driven commercial construction realm.  We always strive to the do the project right so it will stand the test of time. With over one million dollars in work completed to date, we can say with great satisfaction that our call back rate for warranty work is less than 20%.  Our clients continually praise our effective communication and our professional follow through with paperwork.  Our commercial clients are also extremely complimentary of our professional approach.   

Shane C.

"The only surprise involved in having our remodeling work done by Cutting Edge Renovations LLC was there were no surprises. They were totally upfront in estimating the project, and it was finished within our budget-- under what we originally thought we'd spend. The guys were trustworthy, efficient and professional. The work was done quickly and featured benefits we hadn't thought of ourselves because of CER's design recommendations. We will use CER again and recommend them to friends. Thank you!!"